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Carports Newcastle #1 Carports .

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car•port (kärpôrt′, -pōrt′),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. a roofed, wall-less shed, usually projecting from the side of a building, used as a shelter for an automobile.


New Cas′tle,
  1. a city in W Pennsylvania. 33,621.
  2. a city in E Indiana. 20,056.

New•cas•tle (no̅o̅kas′əl, -kä′səl, nyo̅o̅-),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. 1st Duke of. See  Pelham-Holles, Thomas. 
  2. Also called  New•cas•tle-up•on-Tyne  (no̅o̅kas′əl ə pon′tīn, -ə pôn′-, -kä′səl-, nyo̅o̅-).USA pronunciation a seaport in Tyne and Wear, in NE England, on the Tyne River: shipbuilding;
    major coal center. 295,700.
  3. a seaport in E New South Wales, in SE Australia. 146,900.
  4. a town in SE Ontario, in S Canada, NE of Toronto, on Lake Ontario. 32,229.
  5. carry coals to Newcastle: 
    • to take something to a place where its kind exists in great quantity.
    • to do something wholly unnecessary.


car•port (kärpôrt′, -pōrt′),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. a roofed, wall-less shed, usually projecting from the side of a building, used as a shelter for an automobile.
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